Reactive Acid Chemical (RAC) Concrete Stain - Western Saddle 16oz

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Give your concrete a classic, elegant look.

Acid Stains react with the minerals in your concrete to physically change the color of your concrete. They create a colored translucent, variegated and sometimes marbleized effect.

The art of RAC Stain is that no two slabs will ever color exactly the same; the texture of concrete, age and dilution ratio affect final color appearance. The translucence of RAC Stain also allows the many unique characteristics of the slab to show through. Acid staining your concrete will transform it into a work of art.


  • Professional Grade Acid Stain Easy to Use with Tech Help Available
  • UV Stable Cement Stain Great for your Interior and Exterior Projects
  • Elegant Variegated Translucent Effect Gives Natural Look Not Painted
  • Covers 13-63 sq ft per 16oz bottle depending on dilution ratio, texture and porosity of the concrete.
  • Acid Stain Physically Changes the Color of Your Concrete. Ensures No Bonding Issues