Stain Exterior Polychromatic 1 Gal.

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Finally, the rare luminescence of natural pearls embodied in a flooring material. Polychromatic Stain, Concrete Resurrection's Polychromatic concrete stain, lets you transform even the most mundane concrete into a luxurious shimmering surface fit for a king.

  • Multi-Surface—this product is for exterior surfaces, but Polychromatic Stain also comes in an interior version.
  • Economical—just a fraction of what you'd pay for an epoxy.
  • Attractive—gold, silver, copper, bronze—used singly or in a combination, they'll dazzle your customers.
  • Convenient—easy to apply and ready to use.
  • No longer just for fine automobiles and expensive jewelry, the infinite beauty of pearlescence is now yours in Concrete Resurrection Polychromatic Stain.