Ten Second Color - Rosewood 1 Gallon

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Ten Second Color™ (TSC) Dye penetrates and colors concrete and other cementitious surfaces. When properly applied, TSC creates beautifully mottled effects similar to acid stain in a matter of seconds without the wait time required by acid. A translucent dye, TSC colors can be combined into countless variations and hues, or layered for unique effects.

The Ten Second Color™ Dye samples shown are representative of TSC applied to standard, gray concrete using the directions provided on the Technical Data Sheet. Results may vary depending on the condition, age and makeup of the concrete, and/or the application methods used. Always test prior to use.

Simply mix with exactly 1 gallon of acetone to make 1 Gallon of TSC dye.

Coverage rate is an average of 400-600 sq ft per gallon. Coverage variations depend on concrete surface porosity and amount of material applied.