CR-590 Paint & Sealer Remover

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CR-590 Paint and Sealer Remover is the most effective non-hazardous coatings remover on the market. With technology developed over a decade ago, CR-590 Paint and Sealer Remover is specifically designed to attack the chemical bond of coating with the concrete. This process effectively "lifts" the coating off the surface rather than emulsifying it. CR-590 Paint & Sealer Remover can remove paint, sealers, glues and adhesives. For interior and exterior use.

Rate of coverage can vary dramatically due to specific situations. Conditions which reduce the coverage rate are: high temperature, low humidity, rough surfaces, and excessive material application.

Thin coatings of paint or sealer - approximately 200-400 sq feet / gallon

Thick coatings of paint or sealer - approximately 100-200 sq feet / gallon

Carpet glue / Adhesives - approximately 100 sq feet / gallon

Epoxies and Urethanes - approximately 100 sq feet / gallon


  • 1 gallon
  • Interior or Exterior Use
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    CR-590 paint and sealer remover

    Posted by Gary Alan Nevoraski on Nov 10th 2022

    I pressure washed my pavers thoroughly with a surface cleaning attachment. I then applied the stripper and pressure washed again VERY thoroughly. It did nothing to remove the old stripper despite many hours of pressure washing.

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