PH Neutral Floor Cleaner for All Sealed Floors. Epoxy, Polished Concrete, Stained Concrete, Tile, Linoleum, Marble, Ceramic, Hardwood or Granite. Phosphorus Free-No Prop65 Chemicals. Fresh Linen Scent

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Keep your beautiful floors clean without damaging the surface! This concentrated, PH Neutral, no rinse cleaner is ideal for commercial, retail and residential floors. Its neutrally balanced pH protects the surface shine, yet has aggressive cleaners to remove tough dirt. Its fresh fragrance leaves a pleasant aroma to let you know the floor is clean. Add 4oz of floor cleaner per gallon of water.

Safe for use on:All Decorative Concrete Sealed Floors, Ceramic, Tile, Linoleum, Marble, Granite and Hardwood.

Benefits:Phosphorus Free, No Prop65 Chemicals, Non Streaking, No Rinse, Leaves No Film, Safe on All Sealed Floors, Neutral pH and Fresh Clean Fragrance

Safe for use on:

    • All Decorative Concrete Sealed Floors
    • Ceramic Tile
    • Linoleum
    • Marble
    • Granite
    • Hardwood


    • Phosphorus Free
    • No Prop65 Chemicals
    • Non Streaking
    • No Rinse
    • Leaves No Film
    • Safe on All Sealed Floors
    • Neutral pH
    • Fresh Clean Fragrance