Inside Epoxy - Interior Floor Coating - 3/4 Gallon Kit - CR-531

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CR-531 Inside Epoxy is a two component, 100% solids resin system used as a low, medium or high build coating. Inside Epoxy provides an outstanding balance of strength, flexibility, chemical resistance and clarity. Inside Epoxy can be used as a stand alone coating on floors with minimal UV exposure. As a stand alone coating, Inside Epoxy can be used for food processing areas, commercial kitchens, wineries or other areas that receive some corrosive exposure.


  • Gloss Level - High
  • Recommended for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Interior Floors
  • Pigment can be added for solid color epoxy floor/chip floor base or metallic epoxy

Epoxy can be used for metallic epoxy floors, Epoxy Chip/Flake Floors, Craft items not needing a deep pour.


Coverage Rates:

  • When rolled on for top coat or base coat- average coverage is 100-150sq ft per 3/4 Gallon kit
  • Metallic Epoxy Floor average coverage is 60 sq ft per 3/4 Gallon Kit