Celtic Border .200" x 42.5" x 10" with 17" x 17" Corner (part #Misc-B4)

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This template includes a 42.5" x 10" Celtic-style repeatable border, and a 17" x 17" corner.

.200” HDPE Plastic

Used for Engrave-A-Crete's Flexi-Blast line of sandblasting templates. The thinner thickness of this material allows for even greater detailed designs while still retaining all of the benefits of HDPE plastic. Can be used for multiple applications


Custom Designs Available

From your photograph, line drawings or ideas, we can fabricate a template for any pattern, any size you need. For example: How about a floor mural cut into the concrete, 20 feet high and 100 foot long; a string of trunk-to-tail circus elephants with a beautiful maiden riding high on the lead’s head.

These are all possible and much, much more! What can you imagine?
Use to remodel driveways, walkways, patios, sidewalks, businesses, stores, basements, garage floors, or anywhere you have plain, gray existing concrete.

For custom designs, call 1-800-884-2114 x107. He can help you with all of your custom stencil or template needs.