Mantello XtraDimensional Vertical Mortar Admix

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INTERIOR & EXTERIOR USE Mantello XtraDimensional Mortar Admix is a multi-component admixture kit for converting standard 80lb Type S mortar mix into a high performance, ultra-tough decorative vertical coating. Conveniently packaged as a 30 LB bag in box dry admix, to be blended with an 80 LB bag of standard Type S mortar this combination yields a superior mix design for decorative vertical installers. Although resulting in a weaker end product Type N mortar mix may be used. The proprietary blend of modifiers allow XtraDimensional Mortar Admix to be vertical stamped, carved and shaped into a variety of forms. With proper surface preparation and reinforcement XtraDimensional Mortar Admix converted mortar can be applied over existing drywall, concrete block, plywood, concrete, concrete board and custom built framework. Coverage Coverage of total kit (110 LB combined dry weight) ½ ” thick yields approximately 40 Sqft 1 ” thick yields approximately 20 Sqft 2 ” thick yields approximately 10 Sqft 4 ” thick yields approximately 5 Sqft

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