Mantello Stamp Mix 50LB

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StamP is a mini fiber fortified coating for immediate surface texture stamping on horizontal concrete. It is a single component polymer cement coating for stable concrete surfaces that provides superior coverage to transform damaged, worn or unsightly concrete into a new textured surface. The proprietary blend of ingredients gives StamP exceptional durability and the tenacious holding power needed to eliminate delamination, peeling and flaking. Coverage per 50 LB Bucket Thin Texture Stamp application --------------------- 1/16” thickness – 100 SF Medium Texture & Pattern application ------------- 1/8” thickness – 50 SF Deep Texture & Pattern application ---------------- 1/4” thickness – 25 SF Tools & Supplies Supplies: clean bucket, low-speed drill with mixing paddle, spikes Application tools: gauge rake, pool trowel, margin trowel, fresno trowel

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